Monday, December 17, 2012

Hug Your Kiddos....

    I have taken a break from the internet for the last couple days. Mostly because I just can not stomach any more media coverage regarding the recent tragic event that took place in Newtown CT. I can not even begin to imagine the grief and emptiness that those parents are feeling. I felt their grief as though I was grieving for my own..... I know that is not healthy, and so I had to remove myself from all of the coverage and stories and just take a minute to reflect. I am lucky that my children are still here to hold....and I am so grateful.
    As parents we sometimes take for granted that tomorrow will always come. We have a false sense of security that our children will be safe no matter where they go. We homeschool now, but there was a time when my daughter attended school and my son attended a part time pre-school and we just always dropped them off and took for granted that they would be there and be well when we picked them up later that afternoon.
    I don't know what the answer is. We can't live in a bubble and we certainly can't live in fear.  What we can do is cherish every moment we get with our children and be present with them. Neither us as parents or them as children are promised tomorrow. Live in the now, enjoy every moment no matter how small. Hug your children, kiss them, listen to them, tell them you love them. Most of all, please pray for those who have lost their loved ones in this horrifying ordeal and for those young children that have been called home all too young. May God watch over those families and provide them with comfort.

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