Our Curriculum

We use a variety of curriculum between the two children.

While there are some very appealing pros to buying bulk curriculum, I found that for our family a mix of curriculum that caters to each child's strengths is what works best for us.

My oldest is in 8th grade. She attended public school for K through 2nd grade and was in the gifted program so her math and reading tend to be on the higher scale. For this reason I am using Algebra 1 (through Horizons Math) and we use TLP ( Total Language Plus), IEW, and Easy Grammar Plus as her language arts and grammar. I also use Wordly Wise Vocabulary book 7 and independent reading of novels in addition to TLP. Her History is a mix of Profiles from History and World History Detective. For Science she is doing Apologia General Science.

My youngest, a boy, is in fourth grade. He too uses Horizons for math (grade 4). For reading and language arts he does a mix of Phonics, Wordly Wise, TLP, Just Write, and independent books of choice. His history is also Profiles from History and for his science this year we have been using Building Blocks of Science and he absolutely loves it. Next year we will be doing some switching up of his curriculum as he gets older.

Both of my children also study Farsi using Rosetta Stone. They are both extremely active in dance and horse back riding.

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